Accused girlfriend killer ‘aggressive’

The mother of a young pregnant woman who was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend says he was frothing at the mouth during an argument just weeks before her daughter’s death.


Christopher John Anderson has pleaded not guilty to murdering Allira Green who died from a single stab wound to her chest in the early hours of August 3, 2013.

She was 20 weeks pregnant.

Her mother Nadia Green-Simms told Anderson’s Supreme Court trial on Tuesday that she had witnessed an argument between the pair on June 26.

That night the Sydney family had a dinner to celebrate Allira’s 23rd birthday, to which Anderson was not invited.

Later, after picking her daughter and her son up from the movies, Anderson pulled up in a silver car.

“Chris asked us if we had a good night with a smirk on his face,” Ms Green-Simms said.

“Allira turned to him and said, `What are you doing here? Get out of my life, please leave us alone’.”

When her daughter told him to leave again, Ms Green-Simms said “his face was unexplainable”.

“It became distorted. It was all white and there was like a froth at the corner of his mouth.”

“He was saying … `See how she is? See what she does? She is going to kill my baby’.”

Crying and trembling, Ms Green-Simms called the police.

She said she believed when her daughter became pregnant – about two months into her relationship with Anderson – she had stopped using prescription and illegal drugs.

If she had discovered this wasn’t the case she would have reported it to authorities, Ms Green-Simms later told police.

Forensic pathologist Dr Kendall Bailey, who carried out Allira’s autopsy, said the 23-year-old was 20 weeks’ pregnant with a boy.

High blood levels of methylamphetamine or “ice” was found in her body, as was Xanax and cannabis.

But Dr Bailey said she died as a result of a sharp force injury that penetrated her chest wall, pierced the right lung and went into her heart.

The crown says the pair had a “volatile relationship” and Anderson had struggled with two of her friends at the Maroubra unit before she was stabbed.

But Anderson’s barrister says he was trying to “rescue” his girlfriend and unborn child from her ice addiction.

The trial continues.

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