Accused teen might face Supreme Court

A teenager charged with planning to commit a terrorist act might face the Supreme Court after prosecutors revealed plans to apply to move the case out of the Children’s Court.


A Children’s Court has heard that an application to have the 17-year-old tried as a child – but in an adult court – was expected to be made on June 1.

The teen, who cannot be named, appeared via videolink at Tuesday’s hearing where his lawyer indicated an application for bail would likely also be made on June 1.

He is also charged with possessing things connected with a terrorist act, believed to relate to three improvised explosive devices that police allege were found in the boy’s home in Melbourne during raids on May 8.

A further charge, alleging that the teen did not provide police with a password for an electronic device, has also been laid.

Commonwealth prosecutors told the Children’s Court that an order to refer the teen’s matter to a higher court would likely seek it to be heard in the Supreme Court.

The judge acknowledged legislation required children facing serious charges, including murder and manslaughter, to be automatically referred to the Supreme Court.

This did not include terrorism offences, he said, though they were a relatively recent development “right up there with murder”.

“It might be something the legislation has to turn its mind to,” the judge said.

Prosecutors made an application on Tuesday to collect forensic samples, including fingerprints and saliva from the teen, as well as photos of his hands.

The application was not opposed.

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