One dead in shooting at CNN

A domestic dispute at CNN's headquarters complex in Atlanta, has left one person dead and another critically wounded.


A man and a woman were involved in an argument near the main entrance of the Atlanta complex when the man pulled a gun and shot her, police officer James Polite said.

He said the armed man was then shot by a CNN security guard.

One of the people was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital, spokeswoman Denise Simpson said.

It was not immediately clear which person died. Ms Simpson said the other was in critical condition.

A man and a woman were seen being carried out of the building on stretchers.

The man's face was covered in blood and his shirt was removed.

Police said the man and woman had a prior relationship.

CNN reported that the offices of its internet operations, CNN深圳桑拿网会所,, were immediately evacuated. Video footage also showed police pointing guns at a man lying on the ground inside the building.

An announcement over the building's public-address system said there had been gunfire "with potential casualties."

Police cordoned off an area by the escalators near the main entrance, facing Centennial Olympic Park.

The park is where a bomb killed a woman during the 1996 Summer Olympics and injured more than 100 people.

"I heard four or five shots. I really didn't see it. I got out of there quick," said Jas Stanford, 27, who had been helping take down a temporary stage in the park used for college basketball's championship festivities.

The CNN complex also includes the Omni Hotel, a large atrium and a food court. It is connected to Philips Arena, the home of the National Basketball Association's Atlanta Hawks.

In the food court, Trina Johnson, 44, of Atlanta, was with her daughter on a family outing.

"All of a sudden we heard a big boom. We thought it was an explosion," Johnson said. "We didn't see the gun. Everybody just started running."

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