Selwood copes pretty well with tags: Scott

The way Geelong coach Chris Scott sees it, his captain Joel Selwood fully expects to get tagged every week.


That’s just what happens when you are the best and most important player in any AFL team.

And if Selwood gets visibly frustrated at times – as happened when Ed Curnow worked him over in last week’s match against Carlton which the Cats won by 77 points – he also deals with it better than most.

“The way he has reacted over the course of his career has been pretty impressive,” Scott said on Tuesday.

“I think it was highlighted a little bit more on Friday night because there was more vision of what was happening off the ball.

“But to our observation that happens most weeks.

“He didn’t have his best game, but he was very effective around the contest for us, played a really important team role and kicked a couple of goals.

“So if that is the worst he plays we will be pretty happy.”

Selwood received four free kicks and also conceded four against the Blues, with the biggest flashpoint coming midway through the third term when he clashed angrily with Curnow – one of the Blues’ few good players on another sorry night for the bottom-placed club.

“In terms of how he handles the niggle off the ball, I probably defer to the umpiring department,” said Scott.

“They’ve been really good in their communication with us and been really clear that they have missed a few free kicks off the ball probably both ways and they’re going to watch it a little closer.

“Joel would welcome that.

“Make no mistake, over the weekend he did get frustrated a few times.

“I’m not suggesting for a second that everything which happens off the ball results in Joel being the victim.

“He’s got to be smart, we’ve got to be smart, but in terms of the pattern over a long period of time I don’t think it’s a big issue for him or for us.”

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